Baiting and trapping services in Connecticut

Pest control sprays are great for bugs and insects. But what about those critters for which you can’t use pesticide sprays? Baiting and trapping services are critical to rid your Connecticut home, cabin or business of small animals including mice, rats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, possums, and bats.

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Few people realize that there are laws which effect trapping in Connecticut.

Legal issues include which types of animals can be trapped; which types of animals can be relocated; and which types of baits, lures and traps can be used.

Other issues include trap placement, trap presentation, safety for both people and animals, and humane treatment of the trapped animal. Traps need to be monitored regularly. And, once caught, critters need to be relocated to natural settings and away from people. Bottom line: wildlife trapping should be handled by professionally-trained pest control technicians – not by weekend warriors.

Amateur animal trappers have been known to make errors like catching and relocating squirrels when the problem was really raccoons in the attic. Others have had fines and jail time levied against them for illegal trapping. Again, it’s in everyone’s best interest to call pest control professionals when baiting and trapping small animals and other pests in your home or place of business.